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A surprising twist on cleansing made possible by natural clarifiers that dissolve make-up, residue disarm irritants, and unclog pores. This super-foaming wash is the perfect cleansing product for those who like to use soap and water but wish to avoid the dehydrating effects. pH balanced.

* Excellent for normal to oily and combination skin
* Purifies skin without irritation
* Protects skin’s natural moisture vital to a more healthy youthful  complexion
* Deep cleanses without drying stripping skins natural moisture
* Light lather easily remove dirt, excess surface oils impurities and mack-up including water washable mascara
* Astringent citrus extract help tighten pores
* Leaves skin soft and supple
* Promotes fresh, healthy-Looking skin
* 100% soap free and oil-free
* Rinses off easily

Available size 4 oz.

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