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Spornette DeVille 342 100% Boar Cushion Brush

Spornette DeVille 342 100% Boar Cushion Brush

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Men, women, and children with fine, straight, and normal hair types can benefit from using The DeVille 100% Boar Cushion. This brush is perfectly suited for smoothing, brushing out fine hair types, and daily maintenance.

Styling Features; What makes it unique:

The 100% natural boar bristles stimulate the scalp, remove dead hair strands, and distribute the hair’s natural oils. Boar bristle brushes help to maintain optimal hair and scalp hygiene and health. The rubberized cushion stops breakage and absorbs “shock” while brushing. Shock absorption prevents damage and leaves you with beautiful and healthy hair.


The DeVille 100% Boar Cushion has a gorgeous and luxurious wooden handle that is sturdy and comfortable to hold. The boar bristles are of the highest quality and cut with care. 


  • Brush your hair regularly with a boar bristle brush to boost hair health
  • Finish your style with a boar bristle brush for increased shine and smoothness
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